In 2020 you have to consider workplace violence and active shooter prevention plans going forward. Make them a part of your organization’s safety, emergency and business contingency plans, and practice, practice, practice. No one chooses to be a victim. Whether finding yourself in a natural or man made disaster, robbery or active shooter situation. You can better prepare yourself through education, practical applications and training. 

We provide comprehensive workplace violence active shooter training to include but not limited to; historical behavior analysis, prevention training and planning, the importance of situational awareness, why you need a crisis response team, implementing emergency preparedness plans and procedures, incident response, cover & concealment, escape or attack, mock weapon scenarios and exercises, law enforcement response and post incident measures.

We understand the importance of preparedness being the key to preventing and surviving an attack. Workplace Violence incidents have increased dramatically over the past ten years. We understand there are many different types of workplace violence and we cover them all. Our workplace violence class promotes a safe environment for employees, visiting public, along with training employees to maintain a work environment that is free from violence, harassment, intimidation, and other disruptive behavior. A safe work environment promotes a productive and positive workforce. We offer several training programs for small business, large corporations, churches, schools, private and public organizations. Our onsite training programs cover every aspect of workplace violence, active shooter threats and situations. 

Our years of experience, government affiliations, training certifications, and research analysis allow us to provide the latest training programs in 2020. Certified and trained members of the “National Domestic Preparedness Coalition” since 2009 which has grown to become the “Global Society of Homeland and National Security Professionals

We are recognized leaders in physical security, workplace violence, active shooter preparedness and prevention training. We have successfully protected private businesses, organizations and campuses since 2003 using proven methods explained in our workplace violence/active shooter prevention and preparedness class. The safety and security of your facility and employees is our number one objective. 

What is five seconds in a workplace violence situation? An eternity. Speak to an expert today about your specific needs, we come to you.

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