Security Guard Services

Protection Security Associates also know as PSA provides security professionals unsurpassed in today’s industry. Today’s security threats to our country have called for an evolution in domestic security services. 

The days of being reactive, simply observe and report are over. Security specialist today must have active shooter and protection training to be effective while maintaining a proactive approach to eliminate the threats before they happen. We were started using this training, philosophy and approach many years ago in 2003 and remain a leader in the industry today. 

Services provided but not limited to:

  • armed security services
  • mobile security patrols 
  • special event security
  • personal protection specialist
  • employee terminations
  • estate protection services
  • corporate security
  • logistics operations 
  • security consultants
  • close protection teams

Our security solutions are tailored to the individual security and safety requirements of your business. We are there to provide peace of mind in terms of personal safety and protection along with safeguarding your business. 

PSA security personnel come from specialized law enforcement and military backgrounds, cross trained to adhere to our company policies and procedures. Protection Security Associates is a Maryland security guard firm with years of experience protecting lives and property offering solutions to all your security needs.




Event Security Services

Since 2003 we have set the standard in event security companies providing security guard services here in the state of Maryland. We are recognized as leaders in the security industry. Our philosophy has always been, “There is no second chance to get it right”.  

We give the organizer the peace of mind they need to optimize the guest experience without compromising the safety of the event. 

The most common concern is the quality of the security personnel provided by the agency, they are not qualified to handle the event. The other concern is not being able to speak or contact someone in charge about the client’s needs leading up to the event and during. We are hands-on with the entire event from the planning stage to the completion of the event. All security specialist and staff are specifically trained and assigned to your event. We offer suit and tie, uniform, and tactical style security specialist covering all types of events. 

Our goal is to always provide you with a level of client service you have never experienced. We are hands-on the entire event from start to finish. All event security guards and security guards are specifically assigned and trained for your event. We guarantee once you obtain our services for your event, you will become a repeat client. In this business, there are no second chances to get it right. We understand this philosophy and accept the responsibility to get it right the first time.




Executive Protection, Personal Protection Specialist, Corporate Security

We are the gold standard in corporate security services. Our trained experts always focus on maintaining comprehensive protection of the principal, family, and associates in a non-confrontational manner. We offer staff trained to anticipate and defend against multiple and varied threats. 

Corporate executives, celebrities, dignitaries, VIP individuals and their families are increasingly at risk of kidnapping, criminal assault, and miscellaneous threats. Our protection specialist are trained to reduce these risks while maintaining a regular routine; discretion is our primary focus. Our executive protection agents are held to the highest standards. 

The key to minimizing risk is the advance detail, visiting all points of  the client’s itinerary prior to his/her arrival. Our agents assess threats and gather protective intelligence, write a security plan which includes primary and secondary routes, the nearest trauma hospitals, safe rooms, restrooms, and entrances/exits.

The agents complete a rigorous training, education, and certification training process. These executive protection agents perform the necessary threat assessments, risk analysis, planning, logistics, emergency medical response, communications and surveillance required in improving the safety and security of the principle, domestically and around the world.

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