Security Consulting Services

We can help your organization create a safe and secure environment promoting a productive atmosphere among the employees. Joe Mehl the founder of Protection Security Associates is certified and trained in threat, risk & vulnerability mitigation. The decisions you make today can determine your organization’s security and resilience for years to come. Our comprehensive security consulting services enable you to feel more confident about the actions you take to protect your family, office, employees, operations, facilities, and assets. 

Consulting services to include but not limited to:

  • safety, preparedness & prevention
  • threat & risk mitigation 
  • vulnerability assessments & solutions
  • executive protection teams
  • active assailant training
  • workplace violence mitigation
  • crime awareness & self protection
  • security personnel training
  • project managers
  • corporate protection programs

Our security consultants have years of experience advising private clients and corporations across industries that range from faith organizations, construction, manufacturing, and transportation to education, hospitality, and government. We help you create a robust security environment with services that include current and emerging threat assessments, policy review, development, and emergency response planning. We provide the right solutions to our clients to compete with a complex world. 

Increased use of multi-layered security threat plans: Organizations are using more layers of security as part of their overall security plan. This includes overt measures such as visible guards, police details, closed circuit TV (CCTV), turnstiles, bollards and personnel screening equipment, and less obvious measures such as increased use of intelligence, coordination with local, state and federal law enforcement, and social media analysis to identify local threats. These plans will create layers of security that address and protect along four different capabilities: people, technology, intelligence, and process/protocols.

Technology as a security enhancement for guards: Security guards are the backbone of most physical security plans; however, it can get expensive as the guard force grows. Technology can be used to augment the guard force and provide them with tools that can increase their effectiveness.




Threat, Risk & Vulnerability Assessments


The first step in a threat & risk management program is an assessment. The assessment considers the full spectrum of threats & risk (i.e., natural, criminal, terrorist, accidental, etc.) for a given facility/location. The assessment should examine supporting information to evaluate the relative likelihood of occurrence for each threat.


Once the threats & risk are identified, we will provide a vulnerability assessment. The vulnerability assessment considers the type of target and potential impact of loss from a successful attack as well as the vulnerability of the facility/location to an attack. Threat, Risk, & Vulnerability Assessments are important for all facilities in 2019 who want to fully protect staff and visitors.

Notable survey areas to consider for each building, organization, campus and church including but not limited to:

  • Perimeter, Barriers and Controls
  • Emergency Response Manual
  • Internal Medical Response
  • Emergency Response Teams
  • Safe Rooms
  • Media Control Plan
  • Physical Security Trained in Active Assailant  
  • Handicap Emergency Procedures
  • Secure Areas Access Control
  • Ongoing Training
  • Vehicle Control and Perimeter Entry Point Access
  • Physical Security Procedures
  • Random Drills Without Notice
  • Clear Zones and Signage
  • Building Exteriors
  • Access Control and Visitor Management
  • Lock and Key Control
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  • Intrusion Alarms
  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Architectural Design and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

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