Protection Security Associates (PSA) is a licensed full service private investigation firm serving the entire state of Maryland since 2003. We are operational seven days a week to provide our services for you. 

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Most Requested Services: 

o infidelity – adultery – unfaithful partner

o child custody – divorce

o missing person – locates 

o activity verification & surveillance

o due diligence investigations

o prospective business client investigations

o comprehensive desktop research investigations

o technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM) 

o loss investigations – asset recovery 

When you want the truth, when you need answers, call the trusted experts. With years of experience solving cases rest assured we will provide exceptional investigation services for you as a client.

We realize the idea of calling a private investigator can be intimidating, our investigators will walk you through the process. We strive to provide all of our clients with accurate, efficient, and cost-effective investigations in a confidential and timely manner, utilizing the latest technology and resources. Rated one the top private investigator in Baltimore five years in a row.

Your interests will always remain confidential. Our agency provides experienced licensed and certified investigators, accompanied by the support teams needed to aggressively obtain the correct information and intelligence to achieve your goals. When you need to know, listen to the voice of experience. You want the right team in place from the very beginning to insure the outcome you are looking for. 





We provide rapid deployment of our licensed investigators seven days a week to provide electronic bug detection services also known as Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM). We never use subcontractors to provide our services, your privacy is our top priority. Exposures and uncertainty diminish your sense of security in the places where you should feel most secure. Listening and video recording devices are not only becoming less expensive and more ubiquitous but also more sophisticated. 

The threat of surveillance in the private and corporate environments are real. Surveillance and listening equipment can easily be installed in your office, your home, your car and any other location that you use to converse with other individuals about private matters. While heightened security protocols can prevent some devices from being planted, the only way to remove these devices is by thoroughly searching and disposing of them. Technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) is a term created by the United States government that describes the action of sweeping for devices that may be spying on you. Including a system check of phone lines for wiretap devices. 

We also conduct a complete visual and physical inspections of the entire area or location. Thoroughly sweeping your home, hotel rooms, office, vehicle, and conference room for hidden cameras, mics, and other eavesdropping tools that may have been planted. We are operational seven days a week to provide this service for you. If  you suspect your privacy is being compromised give us a contact us now for a no cost consultation. 





Child Custody & Welfare: An investigation of a child’s well-being and treatment, usually as part of a divorce, separation, or custody case. We have years of experience investigating child custody cases involving the welfare of the child. Our team of expert investigators strive to obtain the results and give you peace of mind with the results you expect.

Cheating, Infidelity & Adultery: If it feels like infidelity, cheating or domestic adultery to you, then usually it is. Cheating, infidelity and adultery are a betrayal of the expectations you have of your partner. When you need answers and want the truth look no further. Call the experts with years of experience now to get started on resolving your case. A well-trained private investigator will find more information in less time and will remain emotionally detached while getting the answers you deserve.

Below, six of the most common signs of cheating:

  1. Changes in intimacy: A distinct increase or decrease in intimacy, affection levels, and/or sexual preferences may indicate infidelity.
  2. Suspicious phone habits: A spouse that hides his or her phone or is secretive about their call logs and text messages may be cheating.
  3. Changes in appearance: A marked change in style of dress, intimate wear, and/or personal hygiene can be a clue.
  4. Suspicious internet use: Much like phone habits, a cheating spouse may be overly secretive when it comes to their browser history and  general internet and computer habits.
  5. Changes in work routine: It may seem like a cliche but a husband or wife that suddenly needs to “work late” or “go to a conference” frequently is a sign of infidelity.
  6. Changes in bathing habits: A spouse that showers right when they get home, switches cologne or perfume, or changes their grooming habits can be a sign of cheating.

Missing Person: All missing person cases are time sensitive and require immediate attention, you must be ready to act quickly. We have the knowledge and expertise to start the case and get things moving immediately by putting the right plan in place. Call today and speak with an expert, once we start the case we will walk you through the process, giving you the best chance in solving the case and peace of mind knowing everything is being done.

Criminal Investigation: A criminal investigation is an undertaking that seeks, collects, and gathers evidence of a crime for a case or specific purpose. A criminal investigator looks for clues and evidence to determine whether a crime has taken place. If a crime has been committed, investigators may look into the background of the accused and try to uncover who committed the crime. Police agencies and law enforcement are committed to criminal investigations of every kind, but a growing number of individuals are choosing to launch their own criminal investigations with the help of professional investigators.

Insurance Fraud Investigation: An insurance fraud investigation is a type of investigation that centers around attempts to benefit from deceitful claims. Seeking compensation for false or inflated claims is illegal, dangerous, and raises the price of insurance for everyone. According to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, an estimated $80 billion is paid out annually in fraudulent insurance claims. This leads to the average household paying around $950 each year in higher premiums. In addition, being held liable in a staged accident can increase your risk of being sued. The prevalence of this type of fraud has resulted in insurance companies acting with caution when paying claims, meaning you may need professional help when making your claim. An insurance fraud investigation aids by revealing false claims. Don't let your insurance premiums be a waste of money; use a private investigator to safeguard your insurance privileges. 

Providers of in-depth research investigation services. In today's modern age, it is common to obtain some information using publicly available online databases. An actual, fact-gathering and comprehensive investigation, however, is much more diligent and accurate. We are able to provide information to our clients' when they need specific details. Many people are unable to gather certain evidence or info on their own but our years of experience doing just that has allowed us to know what steps to take to deliver results. Utilizing proprietary data sources that enable us to locate the information you need to make important and strategic decisions. Our research skills in conjunction with our private investigator interview techniques provide a comprehensive analysis, detailing the needed information and documentation. Experience, Integrity & Discretion.





Q1: Who is Protection Security Associates?

A1: Protection Security Associates, Inc.  provides superior services to include but not limited to personal protection, physical security, investigations, along with many training programs to include active shooter and workplace violence. 

Q2: How long have you been in business?

A2: Beginning operations in 2003 we quickly became a leader in the industry.

Q3: How did you get started as a company?

A3: We were founded arising from a need for professional and superior physical security, executive protection, investigations and customized training services.

Q4: What sets your company apart from the rest?

A4: The owner is hands on in every aspect of the business. “When Only The Best Will Do”  no second chance to get it right attitude with all of our services. 

Q5: Why should I hire your company for physical security?

A5: Security threats are ever evolving within today’s environments. Recognizing the threats and risk are vital in determining and mitigating them before they occur. Our security solutions and customized active shooter workplace violence training programs, are tailored to the individual security, protection and safety needs of your organization or business. 

Today’s threats have called for an evolution in at-risk security solutions and protection services of our clients. Armed security today should have training in protection and situational awareness to name a few. They should always maintain a proactive approach to eliminate the threats before they happen. We adopted this philosophy and approach many years ago and remains a true leader in the physical security industry today.

Q6: Why should I hire your company for private investigations?

A6: Our Private Investigators and Detectives are guided by our core values of integrity and discretion. We aim to create a relationship that best serves our clients interest. We consistently strive to provide all our clients with accurate, efficient, and cost-effective investigations in a confidential and timely manner, utilizing the latest technology and resources. PSA has been rated Best Investigators in Baltimore for the past five years by EXPERTISE.

Q7: Why should I hire your company for active shooter and workplace violence training?

A7: Protection Security Associates has been featured on FOX45 NEWS as leading experts in active shooter-workplace violence along security risk assessments. We offer customized training programs designed for your specific needs. Please view our Active Shooter page for more information.

Q8: How do we know you can do what you say you can?

A8: We have an ever-growing list of clients and references, along with letters of recommendation. You can visit our Testimonial Page, once you have the password you can enter and view some of our clients testimonials. 

Q9: How quickly can you respond to my situation?

Q9: We have armed emergency response teams ready to respond to any emergency within hours of notification. All of our clients under long term contracts receive this level of service. Clients under long term contract also receive ongoing active shooter workplace violence training at no additional cost. Our goal is for you to be be fully protected.

Q10: What would I have to do to hire your company?

A10: For immediate assistance with all your security, armed protection, investigation and active shooter training needs contact us today by calling: (410) 234-9733 or simply fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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