Within this page, you will not see pictures displayed exploiting our work with clients for the purpose to impress visitors or prospective clients. You will not see photographs posted of our agents at high profile events or in locations surreptitiously protecting our clients.

Unlike many of our competitors who themselves publicly discuss or flaunt who they provide protective services for, we do not, without their prior approval. This firm takes seriously its commitment to clients confidentiality and it is truly what sets us apart.

Protection Security Associates has set the standard in the industry protecting high net worth individuals and their property.

Agents trained in all areas of executive protection. 24/7 Emergency Response Teams (ERT) available under contract. We provide logistics to include but not limited to: itinerary, aircraft, vehicles, along with our protective service division providing estate/compound protection services to our clients.

In today’s world with the increase in world threats directed toward the corporate, political and private sector, we understand how important it is for the client to have their specific needs understood. We are a risk management company retained by clients worldwide. We offer security solutions in facilitating the logistics and protection of our clients worldwide.

Security and Protection services are the core to any comprehensive business planning strategy. These services minimize risk, control the unexpected so it can be effectively managed while creating a stable work environment. Any Business without these security measures will fail to compete in today’s business World.

Protection Security Associates develops the solutions that build long-term business relationships. We are your strategic partners to maximize ventures and profits through effective global risk management and critical incident mitigation.

The following are most important to PSA while working with your business. 

Personnel are your most valuable assets. We offer comprehensive and immediate protection services for executives and employees alike when working in or visiting unsecured areas.

Intellectual Property is the bedrock of many industries. We ensure your company’s ideas and confidential materials remain so.

Hard Assets require time and investment to acquire; PSA can protect those assets from theft or damage, and help you map out the most effective ways to safeguard against such problems.

Commitment to Client Confidentiality: Protection Security Associates, Inc. is a group of experienced professionals dedicated to bringing the highest quality of service to our clients. We strongly believe in our ethical and legal obligation to protect The clients' privacy. The firm's commitment and approach to client confidentiality distinguishes us as a leader in managing safety along with security for public figures, executives and corporations.

By the very nature of our work, we are called upon to manage many of the most personal, private, and sensitive issues in clients' life. We understand they expect us to honor the confidentiality of all practices, procedures and information learned during the normal course of doing business. We fully anticipate to be held to those expectations. In fact, we commit to exceed them.

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